Course Overviews

General Information on our Preparation Courses for all A1, A2 and B1 tests for both the Home Office and Tfl



Because each learner has differing needs, we offer free assessments to determine your current level of English.  This is an essential part of planning your language development to give you the best chance possible of passing the test


Course Planning


Following assessment we will discuss with you

  1. any areas of language which you need to work on in preparation for the test
  2. the likely time that this will take


Course Content


Your course will be delivered on a group basis and will focus on

  1. the areas which have been identified for development
  2. other areas to increase your confidence
  3. the SELT exam structure and criteria
  4. guidance and tips on how to pass the test


Course Cost and payment


  1. We charge a registration fee of £25 (plus VAT) once you have agreed a course and been given a start date
  2. The cost of your course will be £150 (plus VAT) per week for a 15 hour week.
  3. We will require payment of course fees in advance
  4. Where possible we are happy to extend your course if you and we feel that you need further language development in order to pass the test


On completion of your course


When your course finishes we will help you register and book your Trinity SELT.  The nearest   test centre to us is adjacent to our premises in Hammersmith.

Further details on this test can be found on the webpage of Trinity:


To find out more about these courses, the tests and to book a free assessment please either

Call 020 8748 9898 and ask for

Email giving a written enquiry or a phone number and a convenient time to call and one of our friendly advisers will contact you


Preparation for Life in the UK Test

We also offer Preparation Courses for Life in the UK Test.  Please ask for further information if you are interested in these courses.  These courses are not offered under the Trinity branding